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Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities for Equity-Minded Systems Change

Presentation #124.02 in the session Systemic Change for Equity in Astronomy Graduate Education: A Primer.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities for Equity-Minded Systems Change

In this special session, Steve Desir will moderate a panel discussion that presents research and institutional responses that, together, highlight paths for administrators and faculty toward advancing equity in Astronomy graduate education. The faculty members on this panel will share information about their experiences implementing the recommendations outlined in the Final Report of the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education. This panel is designed to address two key questions: How can departments build inclusive academic learning environments that facilitate a sense of belonging for members of minoritized groups? How can faculty revise existing recruitment, admissions, and mentoring practices in ways that advance diversity and inclusion in graduate programs with regard to race and ethnicity, gender, or LGBTIQA* status, disability status, neurodiversity, socioeconomic status, and or other areas? Please join us for this special session coordinated by members of the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) Research Hub; an NSF INCLUDES Alliance designed to achieve equity in graduate education across the physical sciences.

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