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Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog

Presentation #126.01 in the session Elliptical and Other Galaxies.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog

Utilizing the Chandra source catalog (v2), we build the most extensive and well-characterized X-ray Galaxy Catalog (XGC). To classify normal (non-AGN) galaxies, we cross-correlate the X-ray sources with major all-sky survey data and apply the multi-wavelength characteristics of galaxies. The XGC include ~10,000 normal galaxies, together with multi-wavelength value-added data. Using the XGC, we revisit the X-ray scaling relations of galaxies, measure their X-ray luminosity function, and investigate these properties in multiple bins of different masses, redshifts, and morphological types. The large XGC sample also allows us to investigate interesting but rare types of galaxies (e.g., XBONGs, E+A galaxies, fossil systems).

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