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Turin-SyCAT: A multifrequency catalog of Seyfert galaxies

Presentation #126.07 in the session Elliptical and Other Galaxies.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Turin-SyCAT: A multifrequency catalog of Seyfert galaxies

We present the Turin-SyCAT, a multifrequency catalog of Seyfert galaxies. We selected Seyfert galaxies considering criteria based on radio, infrared, and optical properties from sources belonging to hard X-ray catalogs and surveys. We visually inspected the optical spectra available for all selected sources. We adopted homogeneous and stringent criteria in the source selection, aiming to reduce possible contamination from other source classes. Our final catalog includes 633 Seyfert galaxies distinguished in 351 type 1 and 282 type 2. We investigated the optical and mid-IR colors properties of the sample. Finally, we discussed the mid-IR vs. Hard X-rays connection between mid-IR fluxes at both 12 and 22 μm (i.e., F12 and F22, respectively) and hard X-ray fluxes between 15 and 150 keV.

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