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Globular Cluster Systems of Dwarf Galaxies in TNG50

Presentation #136.02 in the session Dwarf Galaxies: Theoretical Predictions and Nearby Universe.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Globular Cluster Systems of Dwarf Galaxies in TNG50

Using a catalog of globular clusters (GCs) added in post-processing to the 39 most massive galaxy groups and clusters in the TNG50 simulation, we investigate whether the observed power-law relation between total GC mass (MGC) and halo mass (Mhalo) can be extrapolated to dwarf galaxies — particularly those down to stellar masses of 5 × 106 Msun. We find that the tagged GCs reasonably well reproduce several observables, including number, specific frequency and kinematics of GCs in observed dwarfs. Our results provide strong support to the idea that the tight relation between GC mass and halo mass observed in massive galaxies might hold down to dwarf halos with virial masses M200 ~ 3 × 109 Msun. We use our catalog to study the emergence of the intra-cluster GC population as well as the GC content of ultradiffuse galaxies (UDGs) in these groups and clusters.

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