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Pressure Profiles from Improved Noise Quantification

Presentation #139.06 in the session Galaxy Clusters/Large Scale Structure, Cosmic Distance — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Pressure Profiles from Improved Noise Quantification

We present pressure profiles of galaxy clusters determined by high resolution Sunyeav-Zel'dovich (SZ) observations from the MUSTANG-2 Bolometer on the Green Bank Telescope. The clusters span a redshift of (0.291-1.14) and are modelled as one or more spheres representing the independent subclusters. We introduce a change in technique from previous papers where we no longer assume the noise to be independent. To account for this change, we look at the covariance matrix of a noise map for each cluster and implement that into our model. We take both of these models and construct non-parametric fits to create electron pressure profiles. Then, we take these fits and compare them with data from the Archive of Chandra Cluster Entropy Profile Tables (ACCEPT). We have compared all three of these models within one σ in order to test for agreement. There is a general agreement between the covariance and independent noise models for all clusters except for MACS 1149. Additionally, both of those models hold agreement with the ACCEPT data for Zw3146. However, for MACS 0717 and MACS 1149, neither the independent noise nor covariance model agree with the ACCEPT data. Additionally, we present the basis for ongoing research on this project targeting modeling cluster shocks of RX J1347.5–1145.

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