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The Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center

Presentation #142.01 in the session SETI and Planetary Habitability — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
The Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center

The Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center (PSETI) promotes research, service, fundraising, and education in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Founded in 2020, its members pursue a broad range of studies relating to SETI and the search for technosignatures. PSETI Center members have contributed to work on BLC-1, calculating the Cosmic Haystack, and determining the observational properties of Dyson Spheres. Penn State now hosts two regular courses in SETI, at the 400 (undergraduate) and 500 (graduate) levels, which include annual trips to Green Bank. The 500 level course also includes final projects that contribute to the field, 5 of which have already been written up as peer-reviewed publications. PSETI members also maintain a weekly seminar which has been publicly available during COVID, the SETI ADS bibliography,, and PSETI members also organized the 2021 Assembly of the Order of the Octopus.

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