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Two young open clusters in Cygnus

Presentation #201.03 in the session Star Clusters and Associations — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Two young open clusters in Cygnus

The open clusters Berkeley 86 and Berkeley 87 in Cygnus are located in an area of Cygnus OB1 association. Both clusters are young and contain a number of hot O-B type stars and YSO’s. They are investigated applying two-dimensional photometric classification of stars observed in the Vilnius seven-color photometric system down to V = 19.0 mag. The members of the clusters are identified applying their proper motions, parallaxes and distances taken from the Gaia EDR3 catalog. New parameters of the clusters (distances, interstellar reddenings and ages) are obtained. Both clusters are at very similar distance of about 1.7 kpc and share similar age of 5-10 Myr. The plot of Av versus distance in both areas shows a steep increase of the extinction at 500–600 pc which is related to dust clouds in the Great Cygnus Rift.

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