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COSMOS-Web: Mapping Large Scale Structure Across Cosmic Time

Presentation #203.02 in the session Surveys and Large Programs — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
COSMOS-Web: Mapping Large Scale Structure Across Cosmic Time

COSMOS-Web is an approved 218-hour JWST Cycle 1 treasury program that will map a contiguous 0.6 deg2 area with NIRCam and a total 0.2 deg2 area with MIRI in parallel mode observations. The primary science goals of the COSMOS-Web survey are to:

  1. revolutionize our understanding of reionization’s spatial distribution, environments, and drivers at early stages by pioneering the detection of thousands of galaxies in the epoch of reionization (spanning 6<z<11),

  2. identify hundreds of the rarest quiescent galaxies in the first 2 Gyr (z>4) to place stringent constraints on the formation of the Universe’s most massive (M*>1010 Msun) galaxies, and

  3. directly measure the evolution of the stellar mass to halo mass relation out to z~2.5 and its relationship to galaxies’ star formation histories and morphologies.

With such a large field-of-view, COSMOS-Web will uniquely facilitate the mapping of large scale structure in the cosmic web over a total 50 million Mpc3. We will present detailed predictions and measurables for these three primary science objectives and their relationship to large scale structure, summarizing the major anticipated contributions of COSMOS-Web to galaxy formation and evolution.

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