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COSMOS-Web: A Community Legacy Survey from z=10 to z=0

Presentation #203.03 in the session Surveys and Large Programs — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
COSMOS-Web: A Community Legacy Survey from z=10 to z=0

We present the COSMOS-Web survey, the largest contiguous area survey to be mapped by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in Cycle 1. In 218 hours, COSMOS-Web will map a contiguous 0.6 deg2 area with deep NIRCam imaging in four filters (F115W, F150W, F277W, and F444W) and a total 0.2 deg2 MIRI area (in F770W) in parallel. COSMOS-Web is designed to leave no stone unturned for deep, wide extragalactic surveys – eliminating cosmic variance and resulting in an order of magnitude increase in both early universe galaxies (z > 6) and low-mass galaxies at all epochs (e.g., down to M*~108 Msun at z ~ 1), thus significantly constraining the shape of the bright end of the UV luminosity function and mapping the evolution of the cosmic web. It will be the primary legacy dataset from JWST for the extragalactic community by providing quick public releases of multi-band, high-resolution near-IR imaging of one million galaxies (and an unprecedented 32,000 in the mid-IR) thus enabling innumerable legacy science projects. Here we present an overview of the COSMOS-Web survey, our observing strategy, and plans for data products leading to a large range of community science.

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