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COMAP Galactic Plane Survey and AME studies

Presentation #203.05 in the session Surveys and Large Programs — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
COMAP Galactic Plane Survey and AME studies

The ongoing COMAP Galactic Plane Survey will be the first 26–34 GHz large-scale radio continuum and radio recombination line (RRL) survey with 4.5' resolution. The survey is expected to be completed by 2023/24, covering the majority of the northern Galactic plane. We present early results from observations conducted between June 2019 and April 2021, spanning 20 < ℓ < 40 deg and |b|< 1.5 deg. The initial results include diffuse emission and spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of HII regions, and six known supernova remnants where we measure spectral indices consistent with the literature or show evidence of steepening. The COMAP RRL survey represents the highest-frequency Galactic RRL survey to-date and we have extracted five hydrogen RRLs with a spectral resolution of 20 km s-1. In addition to this, using ancillary data from low and high frequency surveys and constraining free-free and thermal dust emission contributions, we report evidence of excess flux density at 30 GHz in six regions, which we interpret as anomalous microwave emission (AME). We also present results on targeted observations of compact sources of AME outside the Galactic plane, including the Perseus and California molecular clouds.

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