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The Raw and Reduced IGRINS Spectral Archive (RRISA)

Presentation #203.06 in the session Surveys and Large Programs — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
The Raw and Reduced IGRINS Spectral Archive (RRISA)

The Immersion GRating INfrared Spectrometer (IGRINS) is a compact, high-resolution near-infrared spectrograph with wavelength coverage spanning 1.45 to 2.45μm with a resolving power of 45,000. First commissioned in 2014 at McDonald Observatory, IGRINS has also been a visitor instrument at the Lowell Discovery Telescope (formerly the Discovery Channel Telescope), and Gemini South. We present the first release of the Raw and Reduced IGRINS Spectral Archive (RRISA), which encompasses most IGRINS observations from first light to May 2021. RRISA features IGRINS data from more than 850 nights on-sky, resulting in 2,800 unique target observations from over 3,000 hours of total science time. RRISA also includes IGRINS observations of over 1,200 distinct A0V standard stars.

The initial release of RRISA has over 11,000 individual observations of science targets and telluric standards. Further, RRISA includes cross-matching of IGRINS targets to SIMBAD identifiers and 2MASS designations, with additional information about targets from the APOGEE, PASTEL, and Gaia DR3 catalogs when available. We also provide tutorials for parsing RRISA using Python, employing the open-source muler Python package to inspect IGRINS data products and simple reductions of raw IGRINS files using the IGRINS Processing Pipeline (PLP). Updates to RRISA, and its accompanying materials, are planned at a bi-yearly cadence while IGRINS continues to observe at Gemini South.

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