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Which Binary Component Hosts the TESS Transiting Planet?

Presentation #205.01 in the session Binary Stellar System - iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Which Binary Component Hosts the TESS Transiting Planet?

TESS discovered many transiting planets around bright nearby stars that were later found to be binary systems through high angular resolution imaging, so it is typically not known which star in the binary system actually hosts the planet. Identifying the host star is essential for determining the correct transit depth, true planet radius and mean density, and host star properties. Fortunately, the stellar density of the host star can be determined from the TESS transit light curve shape and the binary parameters from speckle imaging. Using this method, we derived the stellar densities for the primary and secondary components of 23 binary systems, then tested their consistency with stellar models to determine which component is the host star. We found that 70% of planets orbit the primary component in their binary host system.

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