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Rotation Among TESS-Selected Wide Non-Interacting Binaries

Presentation #208.02 in the session Fundamental Properties I.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Rotation Among TESS-Selected Wide Non-Interacting Binaries

Accurate ages provide essential constraints on questions ranging from exoplanet habitability to the Galaxy’s chemical evolution. Gyrochronology, an empirical relation between rotation and age, is potentially one of the best ways to determine stellar ages. We present the rotational characteristics of a sample of almost 4000 wide main sequence pairs observed by the Transiting Earth Survey Satellite (TESS). Such noninteracting coeval pairs can help unravel degeneracies in the rotation-activity-metallicity vs. age relations for main sequence stars. Support for this work from NSF grant AST-1910396 and NASA grant 80NSSC22K0622 is gratefully acknowledged.

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