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Cyclic Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

Presentation #209.02 in the session Cosmology I.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Cyclic Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

A process is presented in which quasar jet outflow columns of galaxy disc matter accreted to AGN evolve into new blue open spiral galaxies. The AGN consumes old main disc matter to fuel toroidal contra-flow windings of heated re-ionised matter. The flows meet and precess at the centre to form the opposing helical quasar outflows and ‘Fermi’ bubbles. ‘Feedback’ is minimal, as found.

The new jet matter column then commences a new rotation to a virial radius, forming the ubiquitous ‘bar’. Bar and arm ‘body’ rotations are a result of jet helicity. The old halo’s are often not recycled, explaining their contra rotations and old stellar populations. The ‘streams’ and dwarf satellites they lead to, i.e. the Magellanic clouds fit the model as jet head clusters.

A reason why our sun appears to be a ‘4th generation star’ emerges, as do possible solutions to other anomalies. A new evolutionary ‘sequence’ of all galaxy types would emerge, from open to closed spiral, disc, lenticular and ‘ring’, linked by quasars into a cycle. Outflow forms vary from long & thin to short & wide ‘cones’. Core pulse speeds were confirmed in the Mojave survey as apparent <60c, which would be explained by both the ‘closing angle’ effect and the jet structure of collimated ‘flows within flows’ with shear planes between. The problem of insufficient mergers for the mass growth function is solved by vortex pair production at the shear planes giving increased matter at each iteration.

The process seem to be scale invariant, being clearly visible at the core of the Crab nebula supernova remnant. A unique explanation of the peculiar anisotropies of the CMB and ‘axis of evil’ emerges at the larger scale. Any position in the outflow off-centre to the axis would have a dipole anisotropy and underlying helicity. These are exactly the unexplained CMB anisotropies found by COBE an WMAP and confirmed by the Planck probe. The implication could solve the ‘pre big-bang conditions’ problem, suggesting it may have been more of a big ‘blast’ of re-ionised matter from a previous iteration of our universe.

The hypothesis throws up many implicit predictions which may be tested by the JWST. These include older galaxies from an earlier cycle, and an opposing receding Chiral helical outflow where so called ‘antimatter’ predominates. The model at least provides an alternative framework against which any anomalous JWST findings can be tested.

In terms of cycle period, the Milky Way as a 4th generation galaxy does seem to fit the redshift evolution, slowing with time. Accretion for any next recycling event may then be a little after our sun is due to die or become a red giant in perhaps 4Bn years time.

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