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The Chandra Strong Lens Sample

Presentation #214.04 in the session Strong and Weak Gravitational Lensing.

Published onJun 29, 2022
The Chandra Strong Lens Sample

The Chandra Strong Lens Sample is a new sample of galaxy clusters selected purely on their strong gravitational lensing signatures. The strong lensing selection ensures uniform availability of both Chandra ICM measurements and strong lens models of the total mass content in cores of the entire sample. Furthermore, the strong lensing selection can be trivially reproduced in simulations, enabling direct comparisons between the observed and simulated ICM properties and scaling relations of strong lensing selected clusters. Astrophysical processes that generate high cross-section strong lensing clusters should also manifest as biases in standard mass proxy scaling relations. Using the Chandra Strong Lens Sample We can look for these signatures and quantify the magnitude of their impact by comparing X-ray properties such as cool core fraction, merger fraction, and concentration against the same measurements made on mass-selected cluster samples in the literature. In this proceeding I will present the status of data analysis and preliminary results from the Chandra Strong Lens Sample.

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