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3D density modeling of the Milky Way disk

Presentation #216.04 in the session The Milky Way: Structure, Mass Distribution, and Stellar Populations.

Published onJun 29, 2022
3D density modeling of the Milky Way disk

The star formation history and evolution of the Milky Way disk is imprinted in the ages, positions, and chemical compositions of stars. The final data release of the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) survey will be used to fit a 3-dimensional density model of the Galactic disk as a function of age, metallicity, and alpha-element abundances. This will result in an unprecedented global view of our Galaxy, presenting new measurements of the Milky Way’s structural parameters including scale length, scale height, and disk flaring. We can use these results to explore new constraints on the global properties of the Milky Way, including integrated colors, star formation histories, mass assembly, and metallicity trends across different stellar populations.

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