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Centennial of Definitive Verification of Einstein’s GR: 1922-2022

Presentation #236.01 in the session HAD II - Centennial of an Eclipse: The 1922 Expedition that Clinched the Case for General Relativity.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Centennial of Definitive Verification of Einstein’s GR: 1922-2022

Two years ago, we celebrated (AAS meeting 235 session 001) the centennial of the “Eddington expeditions” whose reports at meetings of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society in late 1919 brought Einstein’s General Theory of the Relativity to the scientific and nonscientific world, and made Einstein a figure not only in science but also in Popular Culture. A Lick Observatory expedition in 1922 led to even better results on the observational agreement with Einstein’s theory. We devote this special centennial session to discussing the Lick expedition and the artifacts that survive, to the role of the expedition in scientific history, similar observations made at the 2017 Great American Eclipse and plans for similar eclipse-deflection observations planned for the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse to be observed probably from Mexico before the eclipse path enters the United States.

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