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The Twisted Magnetic Field in the Protobinary L483

Presentation #237.06 in the session Young Stellar Objects.

Published onJun 29, 2022
The Twisted Magnetic Field in the Protobinary L483

Magnetic regulation is an on-going research topic in star formation. On large scales the interstellar magnetic field can control the accumulation of gaseous material, affecting the rate at which new stars form. On small scales, the field can influence the formation of disks and control the flow of infalling material. Dynamical processes, such as bipolar outflows or the presence of a companion, can rapidly change the field morphology close to the protostar, thus complicating observations aimed at constraining the magnetic field. To reduce the number of complicating factors, we observed the isolated Bok globule, L483 using near-infrared and far-infrared polarization observations. In this talk, I will present these multi-wavelength magnetic field maps of L483 and discuss the implications of the observed morphology. I will show high-resolution ALMA observations, revealing that L483 is forming a close (~30 au) binary, and discuss how it may be possible to use the magnetic field morphology as a signpost for binary formation pathways. We will soon be able to test this conjecture with new observations of multiplicity and magnetic morphology for tens of targets.

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