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Realistic Thermodynamics for Cosmic-Ray-Driven Galactic Winds

Presentation #241.32 in the session Evolution of Galaxies — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Realistic Thermodynamics for Cosmic-Ray-Driven Galactic Winds

Cosmic rays (CRs) play an important role in galaxy formation and evolution: in the interstellar medium, their energy density is roughly in equipartition with magnetic and thermal energy densities of the gas, and their production may contribute to feedback regulating star formation. CRs primarily exchange energy and momentum with the gas collisionlessly, through small-scale fluctuations in the magnetic field. These fluctuations may be either generated by pre-existing turbulence, or by the CRs themselves through the streaming instability. In this work, we extend earlier models of winds driven by the CR streaming instability to include more realistic thermodynamics by incorporating cooling of the gas that can balance the Alfvenic heating due to the CRs. We use time-dependent spherically symmetric simulations to study the features of the winds, and compare our results with simplified steady-state analytic models.

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