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CO Intensity Mapping during Reionization with COMAP-EoR

Presentation #312.02 in the session Cosmology II.

Published onJun 29, 2022
CO Intensity Mapping during Reionization with COMAP-EoR

I will introduce the next generation of the Carbon Monoxide Mapping Array Project which will probe molecular gas and star formation during the Epochs of Galaxy Assembly and Reionization. The COMAP-EoR survey will upgrade the currently-observing COMAP Pathfinder to map the CO(1-0) and (2-1) lines from redshift z~5-8, in addition to dramatically expanding upon the Pathfinder observations at z~3. By cross-correlating maps of these two lines, COMAP-EoR is uniquely able to isolate the reionization signal from lower-redshift foregrounds. I will show that power spectrum forecasts for COMAP-EoR span four orders of magnitude in amplitude, highlighting our current lack of knowledge about the high-redshift interstellar medium. I will close by illustrating the potential of COMAP-EoR and its successors to measure the cosmic molecular gas history and, in conjunction with other surveys, chart the course of reionization.

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