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Probing the Early Universe’s Low Mass AGNs Using HETDEX

Presentation #335.01 in the session AGN and Quasars VI.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Probing the Early Universe’s Low Mass AGNs Using HETDEX

Using data from HETDEX, we select Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) with broad emission lines Carbon IV (CIV) and Lyman Alpha (Lyα) (Liu et al., 2021, in prep). By not preselecting by continuum, this sample provides spectra that are sensitive to emission line flux only. This provides very faint individual spectra which when stacked return a sample a hundred times lower in luminosity than previously known AGN at z ~ 2. The most recent calibration of CIV and L1350Å are used to determine black hole mass from Bontà et al. (2020). This data provides the chance for analysis of very faint AGN spectra at high redshift. We create six stacks of AGN spectra and, using an extrapolation of the black hole mass calibration, measure black hole masses around 106M and below. Their continuum magnitudes range from 20 to 26 in the g band. Line widths in CIV range between log(σ/km/s) = 1.96 to 19.24. There are 267, 457, 394, 323, 291, and 184 AGN in each stack, respectively. We continue to refine our selection of AGN for further analysis and interpretation.

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