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Probing Resolved Structures in LIRGs

Presentation #343.16 in the session Potpourri of Galaxies — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Probing Resolved Structures in LIRGs

Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs) host some of the most extreme stellar nurseries in the local universe, in terms of ISM density and pressure. We studied 47 regions within 23 LIRGs, in order to determine if the correlation between radio and mid/far-infrared emission seen in normal star-forming galaxies will hold for resolved regions in starburst galaxies. We measured the infrared-to-radio ratio (qIR) of each of these regions, and fitted the infrared and 1.49 GHz radio luminosities to a power-law of the form LIR ∝ L𝛾1.49 GHz. Using the resolution of Herschel and Spitzer, we were able to separate regions containing AGN from starburst regions. We measured a median qIR of 2.528(55) and a 𝛾 of 0.873(59) in the starburst regions. These results are consistent with the latest sky surveys of radio and infrared luminosity functions over a similar range of radio luminosity. Finally, we calculated the star formation rate in each of these regions and found that the infrared, in general, traced less star formation than the radio, possibly highlighting the need to include unobscured ultraviolet data in our comparison.

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