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AstroGen: A Dissertation Resource for Observatory Bibliographies

Presentation #349.03 in the session HAD IV — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
AstroGen: A Dissertation Resource for Observatory Bibliographies

Observatory bibliographies track publications, including dissertations, which analyze data from the observatory. While ADS allows curators to readily find journal articles of interest, the coverage of dissertations continues to be problematic. The aggregation of links to dissertations which the Astronomy Genealogy Project provides makes this an important new resource for finding observatory-related dissertations.

The Astronomy Genealogy Project (AstroGen: sponsored by the AAS Historical Astronomy Division and hosted online by the AAS, currently lists about 38000 people, all of whom have either earned astronomy-related doctorates or supervised them. Thirty countries are now deemed “nearly complete,” and more are being added all the time. The Chandra Data Archive (CDA) has begun searching the AstroGen database in a systematic way to expand the Chandra dissertation collection and has incorporated AstroGen metadata into the Chandra Bibliography to create a prototype for a maintainable Chandra dissertation genealogy. In this poster we present an update to the AstroGen project and details of the Chandra projects, new discoveries, and difficulties encountered along the way.

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