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stellar study of nebulae in Gemini constellation

Presentation #404.09 in the session Stellar Populations & Evolution — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
stellar study of nebulae in Gemini constellation

The Gemini constellation nebula189.33+04.40 is studied. The stars at the edge prove the type of the nebula. Here we report the nebula is a reflection nebula and it is near μ Geminorum star. The star is in the near stage of its life at the end (soon to be red giant). Hence, there is a possibility to get newer stars in this region within the edge of the nebula. The IC 444 is already a nearby nebula which is also a reflection nebula. But it is quite brighter than our nebula. Hence the edge of the nebula is to be studied so that possible change can be found in future. Here, the analysis of edge is studied using 100 stars data. The study report results show low density, lower temperature (G to F type) and lower luminous stars are present. Even the mass is also very less at the edge. The study is based on the data acquired by LAMOST, GAIA and IRAS telescopes using position (RA & DEC). The data compilation and analysis has been done using the Isochrone method.

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