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Protostar Luminosity Estimates from the SOFIA Archive

Presentation #406.11 in the session Young Stellar Objects and T Tauri Stars — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Protostar Luminosity Estimates from the SOFIA Archive

Based on Monte Carlo radiative transfer modeling, we developed a robust method for determining protostar luminosity that relies solely on mid-infrared fluxes from SOFIA FORCAST, assuming the distance to the protostar is known. This method does not require extensive ancillary information, such as source inclination and full wavelength coverage of the spectral energy distribution. We have derived mid-infrared fluxes from archived FORCAST observations of protostars to estimate their luminosities using our method. This method is further validated by comparing with independent estimates obtained from Spitzer and Herschel infrared observations at longer wavelengths, which tend to correlate well with luminosities. We present our mid-infrared fluxes and luminosity estimates, highlighting different star forming regions.

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