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Identifying Red Giants From APOGEE-2 Within The Palomar 5 System

Presentation #407.01 in the session The Milky Way, the Galactic Center — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Identifying Red Giants From APOGEE-2 Within The Palomar 5 System

Palomar 5, a tidally disrupted globular cluster with stellar streams, orbits the outer halo of the Northern Galactic Hemisphere of the Milky Way. In this work, our goal is to identify new Red Giant Branch (RGB) members within the Palomar 5 system using spectroscopic data from APOGEE-2 DR17 and photometric and astrometric data from Gaia-DR3. From the full APOGEE-2 catalog of nearly 700,000 stars, we isolated five fields that were pointed in the direction of the Palomar 5 core and tidal streams. From these five APOGEE-2 Palomar 5 pointings, we narrowed down our search by identifying stars that have similar proper motions, metallicities, and radial velocities as those previously reported for the Palomar 5 system. This leaves a sample of eight potential Palomar 5 system members. We examined the location of these eight candidates in the (G, Grp-Gbp) color-magnitude diagram, and found that all eight stars fall along the Palomar 5 RGB. Of those eight stars, one is a new member and the other seven are reconfirmed as members of Palomar 5. Additionally, we report chemical abundances for these eight Palomar 5 members.

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