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Lyα Properties of Dwarf Galaxies at z~2

Presentation #412.04 in the session Evolution of Galaxies VII.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Lyα Properties of Dwarf Galaxies at z~2

Lyα has long been used as a tracer of high redshift galaxies, since at the highest redshifts it is often the only line that is visible. It has been used to estimate the neutral fraction in the IGM and as a tracer of neutral gas properties of galaxies. In particular, the escape fraction of Lyα photons has been suggested to be correlated with the escape of ionizing photons. Here we present the Lyα properties of lensed dwarf galaxies (7.5 < log(M⋆[M]) < 9.5, 1.6 < z < 2.7) behind lensing clusters. We obtained 122 rest-UV spectra using Keck/LRIS and Keck/MOSFIRE behind the clusters Abell1689, MACSJ0717, and MACSJ1149. We obtain the Lyα escape fraction by comparing the Lyα flux with the dust-corrected Hα flux. Additionally, we investigate trends in the intrinsic Lyα EW with UV luminosity. We compare these results with surveys at higher mass (i.e. KBSS, MOSDEF) and higher redshift and discuss implications for dwarf galaxies at higher redshift.

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