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A Multiwavelength Perspective on Planet Formation Conditions

Presentation #413.01 in the session Multi-Faceted Views of Planet Formation III: Insights into planet formation and properties from proto-planetary disks.

Published onJun 29, 2022
A Multiwavelength Perspective on Planet Formation Conditions

We know that many pre-main-sequence stars are surrounded by protoplanetary disks, but how these systems evolve into planetary systems is a fundamental question in astronomy. Multiwavelength studies of this variable young stars can provide insight into the star-disk connection and the conditions under which planets form. This talk will review key observations of protoplanetary disks and their young stars, focusing on multiwavelength observations and variability. I will discuss how variable high-energy radiation fields generated by the star and the accretion process (traced in the X-ray, UV, and optical) may be connected to disk masses and structures observed at longer wavelengths (in the IR and mm). To conclude, I will discuss possibilities for future progress in multiwavelength time-domain studies of these young systems.

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