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Hard X-Ray Broadband Spectroscopy of Mrk 876

Presentation #416.03 in the session AGN and Quasars VII.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Hard X-Ray Broadband Spectroscopy of Mrk 876

Mrk 876 is a Sy1 AGN detected in some of the hard X-ray surveys performed with coded-mask telescopes. Their inevitable limited sensitivity and Mrk 876’s low flux level have prevented from detailed spectral and timing analyses. However, a recent observation with the more sensitive telescopes on board the NuSTAR mission has brought to light yet unrevealed spectral features. These features uncover the physics at work of the AGN in Mrk 876.

We present the results of the timing and spectral studies of Mrk 876 as observed by NuSTAR and also by Chandra. We will focus especially on the detected reflection features off the accretion disk to constrain its physical parameters and compare them to other independent measurements. We account for the spectral fit results and the statistical significance of the spectral features through simulations to describe the physics at the center of Mrk 876.

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