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Numerical Simulations of X-ray Binaries

Presentation #426.05 in the session Stellar Populations and Evolution II.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Numerical Simulations of X-ray Binaries

This project addresses the temporal evolution of binary star systems and investigates the initial conditions that produce X-Ray Binaries (XRBs). Because stellar evolution occurs over millions or billions of years, we can only track the entire evolution of these systems in computer simulations. In this project, we focus on a subclass of XRBs, high-mass XRBs (HMXBs). Using a rapid stellar evolution code, we seek to understand the implications of high and low-metallicity stellar environments on XRB formation and evolution. Our preliminary results show the formation of black hole HMXBs has a bimodal distribution (over the lifetime of the HMXBs) in low-metallicity environments.

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