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Community Coordinate Modeling Center (CCMC): Paving a road to open science

Presentation #103.01 in the session Promoting Open Science in Heliophysics and Space Science through Software.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Community Coordinate Modeling Center (CCMC): Paving a road to open science

Prior to the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) establishment more that 20 years ago, access to science model results was restricted to the model owners/developers and to scientists working closely with them. The CCMC-developed Runs-on-Request system, which executes simulations via the Internet upon customer request, changed the way how state-of-the-art research models are utilized in research and pioneered a pathway to open science. Akin to NASA’s very successful Open Data Policy, the CCMC has effectively established an “Open Model Policy.” To enable rapid implementation of diverse range of models into CCMC web-based visualization and analysis systems and interfacing with observational data centers the CCMC developed an open source plug-and-play Kamodo software for simulation output access and interpolation. The presentation will focus on on-going modernization of CCMC software and services with the goal to continue paving the road to open science. New developments address open source codes and reproducibility requirements, as well as journals/publications simulation outputs accessibility requirements. We will discuss opportunities to maximize return on open source projects and approaches to community-wide challenges on model improvements.

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