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HelioCloud: An Open Cloud-based Platform for Heliophysics Research

Presentation #103.03 in the session Promoting Open Science in Heliophysics and Space Science through Software.

Published onOct 20, 2022
HelioCloud: An Open Cloud-based Platform for Heliophysics Research

We present our work on developing “HelioCloud” a new and open cloud-based platform for conducting heliophysics research. This effort aims to satisfy the need for both an easy-to-use research platform for the research community and to better democratize access to very large datasets with associated compute to enable big data research. The ultimate goal is to create a software stack that can easily be replicated at any institution, or for projects of moderate size — anywhere there is a need to collaborate with large amounts of data that need compute capacity nearby. In this paper we will present use cases we are targeting and high-level technical details of the architecture. We will also provide current status in the context of long-range plans, and our plan to engage the community as participants in the development and adoption of this platform.

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