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Fostering Open Science and Reproducibility in Heliophysics with Executable Papers

Presentation #103.04 in the session Promoting Open Science in Heliophysics and Space Science through Software.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Fostering Open Science and Reproducibility in Heliophysics with Executable Papers

Traditional papers face a variety of issues in the context of reproducibility, typically: missing data, analysis code, and software to run the experiment. Furthermore, even when these components are available, a lack of documentation or deprecated dependencies can make replicating the research a non-trivial task. In contrast, executable papers contain all components of the research. They are interactive pieces of software that put a publication’s text inline with the analysis code in a containerized environment with the necessary data and dependencies to run the code to enable readers to reproduce every step of the work. This level of integration provides a true building block for the research community.

We present the first executable paper in Heliophysics, particularly its unique development via cross-disciplinary collaborations, as an example of a new approach in pursuit of open science. In the chosen science application, we demonstrate an adaptable workflow to compare observational and modeled magnetic field data. A key takeaway is that none of us could have accomplished this task alone in a sustainable fashion, but our collaboration made it an easy feat in the end. In highlighting this new open science approach, we invite the Heliophysics community to consider our example and encourage this way of doing science.

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