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The Earth and Space Science Knowledge Commons: Building capacity and community

Presentation #103.06 in the session Promoting Open Science in Heliophysics and Space Science through Software.

Published onOct 20, 2022
The Earth and Space Science Knowledge Commons: Building capacity and community

Datasets, disciplines, people, projects, institutions are all siloed, resulting in a lack of awareness and usability across silos that prevent reuse. Yet the challenges confronting Earth and Space Science are increasingly complex, requiring wider collaboration and data integration. We offer a framework to address the challenge of knowledge integration that precludes transdisciplinary progress: a knowledge commons [McGranaghan et al., 2021].

We will detail three projects working in parallel to build the knowledge commons:

  • Enriching Heliophysics data in the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS): Create a set of concepts and their semantic representation that improves the discovery of Heliophysics literature by NASA ADS;

  • The Heliophysics KNOWledge Network (Helio-KNOW): collection of software and systems for improved information representation in Heliophysics, focusing on the magnetosphere-ionosphere system; and

  • The NASA Center for HelioAnalytics: a cross-community effort focused on improving knowledge and application of data science to Heliophysics.

This talk will provide a clear discussion of what knowledge representation is and its importance for all scientific domains and collaborations. It will make that discussion actionable by relating it to three active projects. Finally, it will reveal how the community can participate–outlining the commons component.

McGranaghan, R., Klein, S. J., Cameron, A., Young, E., Schonfeld, S., Higginson, A., … Thompson, B. (2021). The need for a Space Data Knowledge Commons. Structuring Collective Knowledge. Retrieved from

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