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Tracking Photospheric Flows in a Coronal Bright Point

Presentation #109.07 in the session Tracking Plasma Flows in the Heliosphere.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Tracking Photospheric Flows in a Coronal Bright Point

Coronal Bright Points (CBPs) are magnetic regions that show enhanced emission in coronal images and are in the size range of about a few arcseconds (usually larger than photospheric granules, but smaller than supergranules). In many respects these CBPs can be seen as miniature active regions. Just like their larger-scale counterparts they show eruptive events similar to flares and coronal mass ejections.

In this talk we will present the evolution of a CBP following its development over a period of 3 days, starting from its emergence to its fade-out. We are using SDO/AIA chromospheric and coronal images to study its upper atmosphere signatures and SDO/HMI magnetograms to investigate the underlying photospheric magnetic field. In addition, SDO/HMI white-light images are used to calculate the photospheric plasma flows using local correlation tracking (which is working on tracking the granulation pattern). We will show how the flow patterns change during the evolution of the CBP.

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