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Preparing for CCOR, NOAA’s First Coronagraph

Presentation #112.01 in the session Understanding Solar Eruptions Using Data-driven Models and Multi-height Observations of the Solar Atmosphere II — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Preparing for CCOR, NOAA’s First Coronagraph

The Space Weather Follow-On mission is a NOAA commissioned spacecraft and instrument suite that will be stationed at L1 for the purpose of providing operational space weather observations. As part of the SWFO program, two coronagraphs are being built at the Naval Research Laboratory. One CCOR, as the Compact Coronagraph is known, will be borne on GOES-U spacecraft and the other will be borne on SWFO. The National Center of Environmental Information will be calibrating the CCOR data and providing it to the public. We present information on the instrument, and NCEI efforts to prepare for this new dataset. We seek to promote discussion on data products and software that will be utilized by the heliophysics community.

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