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Explosive Events in the Full Disk scans from SUMER

Presentation #116.05 in the session Solar X-ray and VUV Spectra: observation, modeling, and planetary atmospheric impacts — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Explosive Events in the Full Disk scans from SUMER

We have analyzed full disk scans of Vacuum Ultra Violet (VUV) emission lines (C IV and Ne VIII) from SUMER onboard SOHO. With this data, we have identified explosive events and looked at their contribution to the disk averaged spectrum of the Sun. Explosive events are small scale bursts of plasma which can be observed in the transition region lines. They are characterized by enhanced emission in the wings of the spectral lines. We have analyzed the relationship between spectral line width with their integrated intensity. We find a positive correlation. We have compared the number of explosive events in C IV (1548.20 ˚A) and Ne VIII (770.41 ˚A). This analysis is especially helpful in light of the planned launch of Full-sun Ultraviolet Rocket SpecTrometer (FURST), in 2023. FURST is a sounding rocket spectrometer that aims to obtain high resolution full disk spectra of the Sun in VUV wavelength range. Analyzing data from SUMER gives us an idea of what FURST is going to observe.

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