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Solar Data Analysis Center Initiatives To Promote Open Science

Presentation #119.02 in the session Promoting Open Science in Heliophysics and Space Science through Software — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Solar Data Analysis Center Initiatives To Promote Open Science

The role of the SDAC is to support the scientific analysis of solar physics data. In this presentation we describe new initiatives planned by the Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) to promote open science. These include:

  • Creation of an on-premises computational facility at the National Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) for use with co-located PB-scale heliophysics datasets.

  • Coordination with HelioCloud to provide the same data analysis environments in both the HDRL-supported HelioCloud and NCCS.

  • Continued support for Solarsoft, a freely available data analysis environment based on IDL that also supports many currently operational instrument data reduction pipelines.

  • Creation of SPASE records that support Digital Object identifiers (DOIs) of datasets.

  • Support for the creation of finalized and freely available mission data products that follow modern file format and documentation standards

  • Datasets newly available via the VSO.

We will describe how these and other related efforts support open science and align with the goals of the Heliophysics Digital Resource Library (HDRL).

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