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Rossby Waves in the Radiative Interior

Presentation #125.18 in the session General Topics: Solar — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Rossby Waves in the Radiative Interior

Recent observations of Rossby waves and other more exotic forms of inertial oscillations in the Sun’s convection zone have kindled the hope that such waves might be used as a seismic probe of the Sun’s interior. Here we present a suite of 3D numerical simulations in full spherical geometry that model the Sun’s convection zone and upper radiative interior. With these models, we demonstrate that Rossby waves are ubiquitous within the radiative interior as well as within the convection zone, potentially explaining the large horizontal velocities seen in simulations of the radiative interior. We characterize the properties of these Rossby waves and investigate their impact on angular-momentum mixing and turbulent diffusion. Their presence in the radiative interior implies that the Sun’s radiative interior may not be quiescent but instead could play a role in the dynamics of the tacholine.

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