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Frequency-dependent Measurements of the Sun’s Meridional Circulation

Presentation #125.20 in the session General Topics: Solar — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Frequency-dependent Measurements of the Sun’s Meridional Circulation

The Sun’s meridional circulation is a crucial component for understanding the Sun’s interior dynamics and dynamo. However, the determination of meridional circulation suffers from a systematic center-to-limb (CtoL) effect, which introduces systematic errors 5-10 times stronger than the meridional-flow-induced travel-time shifts in deep-flow measurements. Recently, it was found by Chen & Zhao (2018) that the CtoL effect has a distinct acoustic-frequency dependence compared to flow-induced travel-time shifts, and we therefore develop a frequency-dependent approach to disentangle the CtoL effect and the flow-induced signals in the Fourier domain. In this work, we compare the time-distance measurements in different frequencies and analyze their respective systematics. We also solve the inversion problems with a set of wave-based frequency-dependent sensitivity kernels that were recently built. We show preliminary results of comparing and reconciling the results of the meridional circulation derived using multiple frequency bands.

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