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Empirical Determinations of IPH Properties at 1.5 AU

Presentation #125.37 in the session General Topics: Solar — Poster Session.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Empirical Determinations of IPH Properties at 1.5 AU

The heliosphere is comprised of neutral hydrogen (H) atoms that originate from the solar wind, the interstellar medium, and from processes that neutralize protons via charge exchange throughout the heliosphere The resulting collective flow of neutral H atoms through the heliosphere is referred to as Interplanetary Hydrogen (IPH). In this presentation, observations obtained from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission’s high-spectral resolution instrument, obtained over the last 7 years of the mission timeline, are analyzed to obtain IPH brightness and thermal broadening. These properties are monitored over the last Solar Cycle to examine trends with solar activity. The results can empirically constrain IPH models at 1.5 AU and can refine our understanding of how our solar system interacts with the LISM

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