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Investigate Connections of Physical Properties of ICMEs, CMEs and Their Solar Surface Sources

Presentation #208.05 in the session Sun-to-Earth Campaign-style Study of Large Space Weather Events.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Investigate Connections of Physical Properties of ICMEs, CMEs and Their Solar Surface Sources

The primary driver of space weather is the eruption of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which originate near the surface of the Sun, erupt and propagate into the heliosphere and potentially intercept the planets in the solar system including the Earth. While this chain of CME activity from the Sun to the Earth is of no doubt, the relations between the physical properties of Interplanetary CMEs (ICMEs) as obtained in-situ and that near the Sun from remote-sensing observations remain ambiguous. Such ambiguous relations prevent a satisfactory understanding of CME origin and evolution and accurate space weather prediction. In this study, we report a comprehensive investigation of CME properties near the surface, in the corona and at 1 AU, and how these properties are related. Our investigation starts from 45 ICMEs identified from in-situ measurement from July 2012 to Dec. 2013, during which STEREO Ahead/Behind are near the quadrature configuration and ACE/WIND data are complete (with ACE heavy ion). For each of these ICMEs, we determine their progenitor CMEs near the Sun (or no CME counterpart) and the sources near the Surface. The interested properties of ICMEs are magnetic field enhancement and rotation, velocity expansion, bidirectional flow, plasma beta, charge state, helium abundance and others. The interested properties of CMEs are speed, angular size and other geometric parameters, while the interested properties of surface sources are the association with flare and/or filament eruption, active region or quiet-Sun region, post-eruption arcade, ribbon, coronal dimming and others. The following questions (but not limited to), which are basic but fundamental, will be answered from this investigation: (1) why certain ICMEs have no CME counterpart? (2) Why certain ICMEs have high charge state, and others not? (3) Why certain ICMEs show bidirectional flow and others not? (4) Why certain CME contains a coherent magnetic cloud and others not?

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