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Tracking X-Ray Source Movement in a Retracting Flux Tube

Presentation #210.03 in the session Solar X-ray and VUV Spectra: Observation, Modeling and Planetary Atmospheric Impacts II.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Tracking X-Ray Source Movement in a Retracting Flux Tube

Solar flares are typically accompanied by moving sources of enhanced x-ray emission. This emission results from the collision of accelerated electrons with the ambient plasma. The location and spectral properties of this x-ray source can provide information on the accelerated electron population. This work extends the typical one dimensional models used to model such events by allowing the flux tube to move. The use of the thin flux tube equations allow the flux tube to retract and evolve instead of staying fixed. This retraction enhances coronal density ahead of evaporation near the apex of the flux tube. The presence of this coronal material should serve to alter the evolution of the x-ray sources. Here we present results from this investigation.

This work was funded through NASA’s Hinode Program.

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