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Electron acceleration in solar flares and Earth’s magnetotail

Presentation #302.01 in the session Explosive Energy Release Processes in the Solar Corona and Earth’s Magnetosphere I.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Electron acceleration in solar flares and Earth’s magnetotail

Electrons are accelerated to very high, non-thermal energies during explosive energy-release phenomena in space, solar, and astrophysical plasma environments. In the case of solar flares and Earth’s magnetotail, it has been established that magnetic reconnection plays an important role for releasing the magnetic energy, but it remains unclear if or how magnetic reconnection can further explain electron acceleration to non-thermal energies. Here we discuss both similarities and differences between the observed properties of electron acceleration in the solar corona and Earth’s magnetotail. The features to be compared and discussed include the power-law index, spectral form, different phases of the energy-release process, and the possible role of shock acceleration.

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