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Space Weather Underground Activities at the University of Alaska

Presentation #306.04 in the session Innovation and Discovery in Solar and Space Physics Enabled by Citizen Science.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Space Weather Underground Activities at the University of Alaska

The Space Weather Underground (SWUG) program was first initiated by Dr. Charles Smith, as a collaborative effort between the University of New Hampshire and the high schools across New England. The goal of this program is to build and deploy a network of fluxgate magnetometers that will help understand ionospheric currents and geomagnetic perturbations while educating and inspiring students about Space Weather. In 2020, the SWUG program has been expanded to the University of Alaska Fairbanks under the support of a collaborative NSF EPSCoR grant. Since it started, seventeen students have participated in the SWUG program and four magnetometer kits were deployed across Alaska. In addition, UAF SWUG started offering a 3 credit summer course for science teachers to learn how to build a magnetometer kit for space weather research. After this course, teachers are encouraged to start their own SWUG program at local high schools under the support of the UAF SWUG team. This talk will summarize the UAF SWUG efforts since 2020.

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