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Comprehensive simulations of solar prominences with MURaM

Presentation #403.02 in the session General Topics V — Solar.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Comprehensive simulations of solar prominences with MURaM

Solar prominences consist of cool and dense plasma that is suspended in the corona, surrounded by hotter and less dense coronal material. We use the radiative magnetohydrodynamic code MURaM to simulate prominences in the solar atmosphere. MURaM includes the relevant physical processes to realistically simulate the solar photosphere, chromosphere and corona.

By fixing bottom boundary conditions for the magnetic field, we create a stable dipped magnetic field configuration in a 3D box of 80×10×30 Mm in size and let it evolve. During the simulation, a dense plasma seed settles into the magnetic dips and is cooled by radiative losses. The resulting pressure drop drives a strong flow of plasma into the feature and builds up a cool, long-lasting structure in the solar corona. This prominence is very dynamic but stable due to the stability of the underlying magnetic field. Its structure and dynamics are comparable to certain observations of real prominences. In this talk, we present plasma dynamics as well as cooling and heating rates in our prominence for different radiative treatments that we explored.

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