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Data-driven Modeling of Solar Eruptive Flares

Presentation #407.01 in the session Understanding Solar Eruptions Using Data-driven Models and Multi-height Observations of the Solar Atmosphere I.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Data-driven Modeling of Solar Eruptive Flares

Data-inspired radiative magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) models of solar flares and eruptions have advanced to a point where they can qualitatively and quantitatively reproduce many observational facets common to such events. These include the impulsive rise and extended decay of soft x-ray profiles, x-ray spectra with power laws, chromospheric evaporation flows, evolution of flare ribbons consistent with slipping reconnection, coronal dimmings, EUV waves, and more. While these are promising results, the models still need to be further validated. In particular, it is important that data-driven models using photospheric boundary conditions from observations are able to reproduce the overlying evolution. This is particularly necessary for applications of these first-principles models to space weather prediction. In this talk, we discuss the challenges that need to be tackled to develop mature and accurate data-driven models and their possible solutions.

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