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Connecting coronal models with heliospheric in-situ observations

Presentation #410.01 in the session Understanding Solar Eruptions Using Data-driven Models and Multi-height Observations of the Solar Atmosphere II.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Connecting coronal models with heliospheric in-situ observations

The solar corona and heliosphere are intrinsically coupled and cannot be independently understood without knowledge of the other. While the solar corona is readily observed remotely via a wide array of emissions, our primary means of measuring the heliosphere is via single-point in situ measurements both due to the huge spatial scales as well as low densities and temperatures. To contextualize and explain these in situ measurements, and leverage them to improve our understanding of the corona, it is vital to connect them back to coronal models. In this talk we will review how these connections are made and verified, and show how this process is mutually beneficial both in explaining the measurements and in producing constraints on coronal models. We will demonstrate this with several examples of this procedure applied to recent in situ observations by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe taken closer to the sun than ever before.

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