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Enceladus’ magnetic environment and the geysers’ dust trajectories

Presentation #206.03 in the session The Mist: Outgassing on Enceladus.

Published onOct 20, 2022
Enceladus’ magnetic environment and the geysers’ dust trajectories

The moon Enceladus is embedded in the magnetospheric environment of Saturn, which geysers of vapor and dust emitted from the fractures on its south pole as well as its orbital motion modify it and make it more complex around it. In this work, we study the surrounding magnetic environment of Enceladus based on the numerical interpolation of magnetic field data collected by the Cassini spacecraft during several Enceladus’ flybys. Our focus is the analysis of the dynamics of dust grains (in particular the smallest grains) from the geysers inside the Hill’s sphere of Enceladus in a more realistic magnetic field background. For this purpose, we assume that dust the grains’ dynamics are subject to the influence of the geysers’ drag forces as well as the gravitational effects by Enceladus. The electromagnetic forces play an important role, in particular for grains whose radii are < 600 μm, and are based on the derived numerical interpolated magnetic field.

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