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Study Status Report from the DPS Meetings Exploration Team (DPS-MXT), and Request for Community Input

Presentation #214.04 in the session Workforce and the State of Our Profession (iPosters).

Published onOct 20, 2022
Study Status Report from the DPS Meetings Exploration Team (DPS-MXT), and Request for Community Input

In 2022, the DPS Committee convened a DPS Meetings Exploration Team (DPS-MXT/”DPS mixt”) to identify options for future DPS fall meetings, so as to best serve the full DPS community. In particular, this team (consisting of the author list) considers different potential DPS meeting structures: i.e., fully virtual, in-person focused, or a hybrid meeting engaging both in-person and remote participants, and identifies the risks/costs/resources/benefits associated with each structure. This team will make next step recommendations to the DPS Committee for effective development of future DPS meetings, including—but not limited to—consideration of hybrid meeting structures. Final output from this team will be delivered via a written report to the DPS Committee and DPS community by the end of calendar year 2022. More info can be found at

At the DPS 53 meeting, we will share our present study status, including results of the community survey issued in July. This survey included questions on personal recent meeting experiences and decision-making, broader-perspective thoughts regarding DPS meeting planning and investment, and self-reported identities and primary concerns of respondents. In addition to this, we have divided into small groups to look into: (1) hybrid poster options, (2) low-investment options for virtual participation in a primarily in-person focused meeting, (3) concerns and interests of exhibitors, (4) concerns and interests of those organizing splinter meetings, and (5) a review of past DPS post-meeting survey feedback.

Finally, we will advertise opportunities at the DPS meeting to provide comments to DPS-MXT members, including but not limited to the relevant in-person and virtual sessions for this poster presentation. (And following the meeting, we will review the results of the DPS 53 post-meeting survey; please watch for its announcement and submit your comments.)

Thank you to all in the community that have provided feedback and suggestions!

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